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Welcome to the Site of the Guardian Slayers!


The Guardian Slayers are a casual all-purpose RP guild in the game Rift: Planes of Telara. We play as Defiant on the Sunrest (PvP-RP) Shard. We run on Central time.

Our goal as a guild is just to build friendships and have a good time. We feel that too many people take their games too seriously and so, we will never require a member to raid or PvP or really do anything beyond logging in and having a good time. We do plan to engage in some endgame raids and PvP but this is by no means a requirement and it will not interfere with our guild activities with lower level  members.

As far as RP goes, we are a Chaotic Good Defiant guild. After seeing what Regulos did to Telara, we will stop at nothing to close the rifts and save our world. We will allow neither Guardians nor Riftspawn to stand in our way. We will fight no matter the cost because if we fail, we lose everything. If someone stands in our way, they will be destroyed, regardless of their motives. If we allow them to slow us down, then not only would they die, but they would bring all of Telara down with them.

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Slimage, Jul 26, 11 9:17 PM.
Join us in the pilgrimage to Sunrest.  Bring your friends.  We are looking for officers and raid leaders.

See you soon.  We are a casual guild dedicated to having fun and making friends while enjoying the priviliges of the guild.

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Slimage, Jul 26, 11 9:05 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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